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New Game: Treasure Hunter Man 2
News posted 28th September, 2015 by Rikus  
Bernie submitted a new game of his to the TDC this week and it is a real winner. Be sure to check it out!

Click here for more info, pictures and the download link

Posted by bernie[FA] 28th September, 2015

Yey! Thanks Rikus <3
Posted by OMC 28th September, 2015

Those beautiful graphics...
Posted by UrbanMonk 30th September, 2015

Looks amazing!
Posted by Mohamed Sabra 8th November, 2015

What software do you use for these types of games?
Posted by bernie[FA] 12th December, 2015

GameMaker, Clickteam Fusion and sometimes Unity3d. The first two are very beginner friendly.
Posted by UrbanMonk 14th December, 2015

He used Fusion I'm sure.
Posted by twiterror 26th January, 2016

He used Jamagic.


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