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The Buswick 2016 is back!!!
News posted 6th September, 2016 by Rikus  
It almost seems a couple of news posts ago when I wrote the post for the 2015 compo...-ergm- -hides- Anyway A new year and we got ourselves a brand new Buswick Compo!! Check the forum posts and the video below for all the deeds! Heck I will even do a lets play of each entry that comes in just for the funzies! Also on the P. and S. I got a new Laptop that I do not have to share! Yay!! So expect more content then the usual 1 post a year. Sorry that got dark real quick... anyway on to the video!!!

Click here for the TDC forum thread on the compo!

Posted by OMC 6th September, 2016

Yay! Thanks, Rikus!


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