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Let's Play: Hatman 2
News posted 16th September, 2016 by Rikus  
It is time to get our Hat on and play: Hatman 2 created by Bibin. This is a hard but fair 2d-platformer with some great retro tunes!

Posted by UrbanMonk 16th September, 2016

Loved the original, I should give this one a go.
Posted by Rikus 17th September, 2016

You should, I had a great time with it.
Posted by nim 17th September, 2016

Hatman is such a great game! I remember waiting a long time for the sequel and seeing various demos of different engines, but I'm glad he eventually went for gameplay similar to the first game.
Posted by Tomssuli 29th September, 2016

Wow, this game got sequel ...I remember playing the first one through a looooong time ago.


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