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Let's Play: Aggelos
News posted 25th September, 2016 by Rikus  
I know the game hit the front page before but it is worth it and besides this time we got video! :) So It is time to get our sword ready again in Aggelos created by: wonderboy.bobi. In this mini demo that you can download for free you have to slash your way through a bunch of enemies while powering up and collecting new magic weapons to help you on your quest. We tried the game and we cannot wait for the full game to be released.

Posted by CarlaMac 28th April, 2017

looks like an interesting game. never heard of it before. still reminds me of mario and that's my favourite. guess once done with work at will check it out
Posted by Hank Pearson 3rd April, 2019

Good! It reminds me of Mario and Prince of Persia. This week I'm so close to my essay as never because the topic is on how I spend my free time. And itís a great pleasure for me to write about playing such old fashioned games

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