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Humble Clickteam Fusion Bundle + Fusion 3 News
News posted 28th September, 2016 by The Chris Street  
Greetings one and all! I know it's been... a couple of years?! Cripes, where has the time gone? I just thought I'd stop by to post some rather good news.

Firstly, Clickteam have produced a rather nice Humble Bundle collection. Pay a pittance, or what you want for Fusion 2.5 Standard and a selection of other click-related games. Pay slightly more and you get the recently released Universal Windows Exporter, plus further games including Five Nights at Freddy's 3. A little more grants you the Mac runtime of Fusion 2.5 Standard, the iOS exporter, the HTML 5 Exporter, Install Creator Pro and further games.

An exceedingly generous offer from Clickteam. Over 15,000 bundles have been sold already, so to get in on this, which expires in six days time, click here to visit the Humble Bundle page!

The second bit of news - Clickteam have been answering questions on Fusion 3 at Currently an estimated release is during Q2 next year. To read more on further details of Fusion 3, Click here! I can't promise I'll be super-active, but I'll try and post more frequently in the future :)

Posted by Rikus 29th September, 2016

Hi Chris! Welcome back! Great to see a new post from ya!!! I actually got one of the bundles also yesterday. It is a great deal!

Posted by s-m-r 30th September, 2016

Hahaha! I was just coming back to post about this. As of this message, there's about 11 days left to come up with $15 for Fusion 2.5 Developer Edition...!
Posted by UrbanMonk 1st October, 2016

Man I remember when Multimedia Fusion 2 launched. That was a great day.

And now a little over 10 years later we're finally getting fusion 3.


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