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New Game Of The Week Award!
News posted 19th June, 2002 by Rikus  

LOOK BEHIND YOU ITS A THREE HEADED MONKEY!!! Oh no wait, its wednesday knocking at our doors and demanding another game of the week! Well here it is: Woohooo!. This weeks winner is not even a full game yet...Drummroll... Operation: Sitting Duck 2 Demo 2  Congrats to: Arthur Lee who made it. If you have not tried out this game then you can check it out right here. The new games are already running to shadowcaster to stampede all over him.. LOOK OUT SHADOW they are coming! This week you can choose between the following games: Worm Wars 2      Hover Wars II   Shining Armour   Furious Farmer    Skeeter Demo   Realms Of Destiny DEMO

Posted by Crono 19th June, 2002

has anyone noticed u can't vote for skeeter?
Posted by Rikus 19th June, 2002

Posted by Rhys D 19th June, 2002

or furious farmer... :P
Posted by Rikus 19th June, 2002

you can vote for that game
Posted by The Chris Street 21st June, 2002 out!


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