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Member Appreciation
News posted 18th November, 2017 by Liquixcat  
I'm going to occasionally do a member appreciation post. This will be a member who I always see around, who's always trying to keep the conversation going and has never caused me grief (most important obviously).

Special thanks to UrbanMonk

As always (let's pretend this isn't the first time I've done this) the amazing reward will be 10,000 DC Points; which of course roughly translates to nothing. Oh! But you get this front page celebrity!

Really though, thanks mate.

Posted by OMC 19th November, 2017

Urb's a stand-up fellow.
Posted by Hayo 20th November, 2017

Yay for Urbanmonk!
Posted by UrbanMonk 20th November, 2017

Wow, what an honor! Kinda surprised me when I loaded up the page and my avatar was staring me in the face taking up half the page.

Posted by OMC 29th November, 2017


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