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Goodbye Chris we will miss you.
News posted 14th January, 2018 by Rikus  
Hi folks, so a couple of days ago the klik community lost one of its earliest and friendliest members. Chris Perry AKA Chrisbo here on the site. Chris was part of the community since 1995. While he took a brake for a while he recently started to make games again under the Midnight Mastodons company label. His latest release was a game called Rocket Core.

Click here for more info, pictures and the download link

I just wanted to make this post to remember Chris. I will always remember Chris as such a nice person and such a great, friendly and helpful member to the klik community and friend.. He will be missed. Feel free to leave any comments or memories below.

Also if someone has any of the old games he made like the Astroman 2 demo or Simfish even let me know so we can put them back on site.

Posted by Jonny Comics 14th January, 2018

Oh no! I had no idea. Thank you for posting this. My God, I haven't heard that name, (or of Astroman) for so many years! It is one of the first klik games I ever owned and had such a huge effect on me. This name had always existed in such a mysterious and legendary way in my mind because I figured this guy, this Chris Perry, was... I dunno, so beyond reach. I mean the game blew me away.
In any case, it's a sad thing. Call me crazy, but I don't believe death is natural, as the sense is given when we see people like this gone one day. Really sorry to hear this ;(
Posted by nim 14th January, 2018

This is such sad news. I didn't know Chris well, but I'm aware that he was a long-time member of the community. I got to know him recently through Twitter and we exchanged gamedev tips and talked about the klik community.

Without a doubt, Chris was one of the most positive and encouraging game developers I've known; always friendly, active and frequently replied to tweets to cheer on fellow devs, right up to his final posts. He'll be missed.
Posted by The MPP 14th January, 2018

Goodbye Chris, you will be missed.
Posted by Hayo 14th January, 2018

That is so sad
Posted by OMC 14th January, 2018

It's so weird to interact with someone on Twitter and then turn around and hear they're gone.
Posted by Joshtek 14th January, 2018

Sad to hear this. I wouldn't say I knew him well, but we had a link exchange going back in the day. I had a few interactions with Chrisbo over they years on TDC and he was one of the IRC channel operators on #K&P in 2000 and 2001 (sharing his excitement that his website was getting 100 hits a day, expressing his views on the Palm III, kicking flooders from the channel, etc.).
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Posted by Joshtek 14th January, 2018

In terms of links to his old games, I did some research and found some. I'm not sure if they all work and you'll need to copy and paste the URL to fix the broken HTTPS URL detection:

Sim Fish:
* Download:<
* Mention:

Sim Fish 2:
* Download:

Astro Man!
* Download:
* Review:

Gravity balls:
* Download:
* Review:

Super Gravity Balls!
* Download:
* Review #1:
* Review #2:

* Download:

There may be more at*/ * and

I expect for some of the early days someone will have to open it in Windows 95/98 (through a VM?), install it, then extract the .exe & .gam/.cca files to get it to work.

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Posted by UrbanMonk 16th January, 2018

Saw this on Facebook, so sad. I'm pretty sure I played some of his games off a shareware disk before I ever found this place.
Posted by Clubsoft 22nd January, 2018

Such sad news, I knew Chris from the #K&P days, certainly played a few of his games too


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