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News posted 15th March, 2018 by The Chris Street  
Two posts from me in one day? Blimey. Mark this day down, fellow klikkers!

Ok, so after sifting through a lot of the Pending Downloads, several games remain there after a couple of months. Some of the admins have left comments under those games and given reasons why they've not been accepted through. Most of the time, it's a screenshot issue, but on many other occasions, there has been a poor description.

TDC has the potential to thrive once again. Certainly, life here is not the same as it used to be. Many of the admins here including myself don't have as much time as we used to - that's pretty much a given. We're off in full-time employment, getting married, having kids, etc, so it never hurts to give us a boost!

I propose the following. It's not mandatory:

  • When submitting a download, ensure the screenshots and links work. A download without screenshots will generally not be submitted.
  • Please give a reasonable description of the submission in question. A three or four line paragraph at the minimum!
  • Check for any comments the Admins may make under your game. You can still view your submission, even though it isn't public, by clicking here and searching under "My Downloads"
  • If a certain length of time (say, a month) has passed and your game still doesn't appear, it will probably have been deleted - unless we have been ultra lazy! Feel free to message us to chase up on it though, or submit it again.
  • Help us find news! If you see anything which we miss, do let us know by messaging us. If the news you've found ends up on the front page, we will credit your name and give you a whole 100 DC points! Because they're worth everything these days ;)

    I guess that's it for now. I won't be posting news for a few weeks at the very least, because I'm off doing one of those busy admin things... getting married!

  • Posted by Liquixcat 15th March, 2018

    And remember, admins are fueled by comments on their news posts!
    Posted by Joshtek 16th March, 2018

    Thanks for the tips, and congratulations regarding your marriage! I was about to recommend that one way to celebrate the marriage is to play a game of Romeo, but then I thought that such a suggestion might be inappropriate. TDCers: What's the most appropriate Click game to celebrate this special occasion?
    Comment edited by Joshtek on 16/03/2018
    Posted by oldgamesrbetter 16th March, 2018

    2 POSTS!!!?? IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! ..Just 3 months late these updates! I kid, i kid! Congrats on getting married. Good to hear from ya!
    Posted by UrbanMonk 16th March, 2018

    Ah yes Romeo. Such a great demo game.

    Glad you're posting again!

    What happened to Clickteam featuring this site on their sidebar? That'd certainly drive fans of fusion here again.
    Posted by OMC 16th March, 2018

    Many happies to your marriage, Chris!
    Posted by Rikus 19th March, 2018

    Congrats on getting married Chris!
    Posted by Rikus 19th March, 2018

    Congrats on getting married Chris!
    Posted by Liquixcat 19th March, 2018

    Only the first comment fuels us, Rikus.
    Posted by Yai7 19th March, 2018

    I am envy.
    Posted by Rikus 20th March, 2018

    Lol did not even notice the double until now
    Posted by Yai7 20th March, 2018

    You should better update your profile picture to honour your new suppose!
    Posted by Knudde (Shab) 20th March, 2018

    You've got some catching up to do Chris! Rikus and I are already 2 offspring deep!
    Posted by Clubsoft 22nd March, 2018

    Congrats on getting married! I did that myself in January
    Posted by Rikus 22nd March, 2018

    Congrats Club!!
    Posted by CYS 26th March, 2018

    Congratulations dude!


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