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New Portable game: Zone Runner
News posted 28th June, 2018 by Rikus  
Our very own Admin Chris released his classic game Zoner Runner to Android. So everyone with an android phone (including myself) can now enjoy this game on the go:)

The game which brought addictive frustration returns - this time in Portable form! After many years of inactivity, our hero has come out of retirement to once again embark on a coin collecting spree! You are that hero, and for reasons never quite explained, you have an urge to run through zones, collecting coins, doing so without losing lives and getting yourself killed in careless ways.

Click here for more info, pictures and the download link

Posted by TreePine 24th July, 2018

Posted by Convert2Double 19th September, 2018

WAIT A SECOND! I think I remember playing Zone Runner as a 2002 game 3 months ago, so this came in to me as a surprise.


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