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Suggest a classic game for the Click Museum
News posted 12th April, 2019 by Joshtek  

The Click Museum is a place for treasured classic games made with Klik & Play, The Games Factory, Click & Create and Multimedia Fusion. Do you think we are missing any key classics from our Click Museum collection? Let us know in the comments!

We are especially interested in hearing why you think the game is a 'classic'. Is it because it was an early game that became a cultural touchstone? Did it inspire you to make your own games? Was it just really fun?

No need to be shy - nomination of your own games is fine if you think they meet the criteria so long as you let us know that you were involved in the game's development.

We would also like to hear from developers behind games in the museum: Why did you decide to make the game? What was it like to develop the game? Was there any notable difficulties that you faced or neat tricks that you used? Were you inspired by other Click games? What did you make of the reception of the game then, and what do you think of the game now after all this time?

Posted by Ambrion 17th April, 2019

Classics are what brings me to life in my childhood days. Not to mention the ones you feel comfortable with!

Also, those BI-NARY games seem professionally done but also fishy at the same time. Probably because I recognize the ''Studio'' at which they were released at
Posted by Fish20 20th April, 2019

Jonny RPG

Posted by nanoco 26th April, 2019

Monster and Monster Jr
Posted by UrbanMonk 22nd May, 2019

Agree on Jonny RPG. I still have the game on my HD.
Posted by Piscean 25th June, 2019

Definitely add Eternal Daughter by Blackeye Software!
Posted by hapsi 2nd August, 2019

Who could forget Mark Pay and Aliens Infestation? Later games too, but i'm not an RPG-guy.

First game graphics mostly are stolen from Half-Life 1 even though he is an excellent artist, second alien game might be original. Both are betas, and that is how i ended up making several one level alien/xenomorph -based betas too, and one full 11 level game.

Hahhah, good old times. Here is my version:

Posted by Joshtek 24th August, 2019

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. I'll put them all in the Klik Museum with the exception of Aliens Infestation due to copyright concerns.


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