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Launch of the Kliktopia archive of Klik games
News posted 29th March, 2020 by Joshtek  

Over the past two years I've been working on, an attempt to archive old Klik games at scale by bringing together a number of previous archival projects and my own personal collection and making it as easy as possible to identify and submit old games to be archived. I'm launching Kliktopia today with over 1,000 Klik games so please check it out. A key element of the project is the Kliktopia Uploader tool which makes it easy to search your PC for old Klik games - the tool lets you know if the game is not already on our archive and lets you upload it.

The archive is not intended to replace The Daily Click or its Klik Museum. For example, it doesn't prioritise new games over older ones, it doesn't have a review system, and games don't have descriptions or genre information. What it does do is help you find old Klik games that you played (or made) years ago and help ensure that as much of our heritage is preserved as possible.

Posted by The MPP 29th March, 2020

Awesome site! Super cool. Thanks that I got to test it.
Posted by Joshtek 29th March, 2020

Thanks for your work testing it The MPP. I'll continue to fix minor bugs and add more games in due course, but it's good to actually get something out there in the public so people can actually start using it to find old games they made, old games they played, or maybe games people didn't get a chance to play back in the day but can now enjoy.
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Posted by MonadoBoy64 29th March, 2020

Posted by Hayo 29th March, 2020

Nice! This must have been a lot of work, thanks for this! It even has my first game I ever made from 1998, I feel so old!
Posted by Hayo 29th March, 2020

Oh, one "bug report", Soccer Freak has a screenshot of Bernard & Hank:
Posted by Hagar 30th March, 2020

This is brilliant work, thanks Joshtek! I *may* have some of the stuff from Rycon, Ashman, Buster and Phizzy and will upload anything I find.

I may have some of my old naff stuff

I spent way too much time scrolling through all the games for the nostalgia hit and also noticed the Bernard and Hank error.

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Posted by Joshtek 30th March, 2020

Thanks for the bug reports. All contributions of games to the archive will be much appreciated too

Oh, and if anyone does Let's play/Twitch/YouTube video videos for the games in the archive then let me know.
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Posted by UrbanMonk 30th March, 2020

Great work! Looks great!
Posted by Hayo 31st March, 2020

I added a bunch of games using the uploader. Should they appear on the site right away or does it take some time?
Posted by Joshtek 31st March, 2020

Hayo: Thanks for contributing. I have to manually add the games although the site itself uses a custom static site generator to build the pages from the database and related files. Uploaded games that hames are extracted and where there is a screenshot in the folder will be prioritised as they are the quickest to add, and the others I'll process as I have time or as volunteers come across on board to help process games.
Posted by Liquixcat 2nd April, 2020

This is awesome.


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