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July GOTM Winner + Halloween content
News posted 31st October, 2020 by Joshtek  

Congratulations to James Luke for winning Game of the Month #373 with Soldier Men 2. Thanks to everyone who submitted games.

Kliktopia has added a number of games to its archive and has launched a page for Halloween games.

Kliktopia has also released Klik & Replay Episode #1 - Halloween Games on YouTube, which follows in the tradition of The Daily Click's Klikcast. Happy Halloween everyone!

Posted by Yai7 4th November, 2020

It is just like my game NastyMan but with soldiers!
Posted by LordHannu 5th November, 2020

Congratulations James Luke. Love your blood explotions.
Kliktopia the youtube video was fun to watch, keep it up!
Posted by James Luke 6th November, 2020

T=?hanks Lord Hannu =D i love them too i try to recrete them in real life with tomatos but its more fun in game
Posted by Joshtek 3rd December, 2020

Glad you liked my video LordHannu. It was my first time trying to do something like that, but I thought I'd give it a go


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