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Online multiplayer Klik gaming session
News posted 5th February, 2021 by Joshtek  

How to take part in the Kliktopia online gaming session:

  1. Check when 4:30pm GMT Saturday is in your timezone.
  2. Download the multiplayer games from Kliktopia.
  3. Join the Kliktopia Discord.
  4. Tell your Klik friends!

Posted by Joshtek 5th February, 2021

On a separate note, if you downloaded ZMX and it didn't work then head to to redownload it as the issue has now been resolved.
Posted by Joshtek 5th February, 2021

If you used the timezone checker I've updated it now to be Saturday, not Sunday: - sorry about any inconvenience.
Posted by UrbanMonk 5th February, 2021

So flanville 2 works again?
Does anyone have flanville 1 somewhere? I played that one the most.
Posted by The MPP 5th February, 2021

Flanville 1 has been found and can be played (in singelplayer)!
Someone, commonly know as LandorftheMage, WAS able to get FV 1 to 'properly' work online again and I tested it with him, but to be honest the result was a little.. buggy. Though maybe one day, sooner or later, the game will be able to return to it's former glory.
Posted by OMC 7th February, 2021

I already had plans! ;( Will this happen again?
Posted by Joshtek 7th February, 2021

No date has been chosen but I am sure it will happen again. I will want to investigate how to get some of the games to run better first, though. Any suggestions for games to consider including in the next roster?
Posted by UrbanMonk 10th February, 2021

@The MPP: Cool thanks! Thankfully most MMF made online games had all the game logic client-side so it's easy enough to bring them back.
Posted by Joshtek 14th February, 2021

@UrbanMonk: A version of Flanville 1 modified by Landorf to connect to the Kliktopia server is now available on the Kliktopia website at
Posted by UrbanMonk 15th February, 2021

@Joshtek: That's great thanks! I actually got the offline version to work in an XP virtual machine also. The game is so simple but great.

Now we just need seek and dread and we'll have most of the good online games from back in the day!
Posted by Joshtek 15th February, 2021

@UrbanMonk: Actually, I added Seek & Dread too


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