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TDC Halloween game-making competition
News posted 24th September, 2021 by Joshtek  

Following on from our successful Time Trial by Fire competition I am pleased to announce that TDC will be running another competition:

Competition details:

  • The theme for competition is 'Halloween: Night and Day'.
  • To take part of the competition, submit your freeware game to The Daily Click before the deadline of 11:59pm on Saturday the 30th of October (UTC/GMT) and state that it is an entry for this competition.
  • Within the game itself, please state that the game was made for this competition and list who the author(s) are.
  • Games should be original (e.g. not just a special edition of games you have previously made), and be made using Clickteam software (e.g. Fusion 2.5)
  • Judges will provide a review of each game and rank them from best to worst. The rankings will take into account gameplay, creativity and use of the theme. The game which the judges give the highest collective ranking will be the winner.
  • First place prize is a special tag at The Daily Click, DC Points, and listing as a GOTM winner.

If there are any clarifications to these rules then they will be noted in this news post or a subsequent news post (or in their respective comments sections).

Posted by yma 24th September, 2021

oh snap
Posted by MonadoBoy64 24th September, 2021

Hell yeah, I'm going to participate in this one.

Posted by Jankoleti 24th September, 2021

Thank you Joshtek! I cant say i love you yet but i can give the odd hint on the shoulder
See who climbes up the ladder on this one!
Posted by 3kliksphilip 24th September, 2021

'Halloween: Night and Day' as a theme is extremely vague. Any restrictions or requirements? A day/night cycle, perhaps? Or different gameplay depending on the time of day?
Posted by Joshtek 25th September, 2021

3kliksphilip: I was generally expecting games to somehow contrast the darkness/scariness of night with the brightness/safety of day (or vice versa), but don't want to be too prescriptive. Using a day/night cycle could certainly work and I can point to as a game which makes effective use of that mechanic. Alternatively, a player could have more control over when it is night and day, or it could somehow be both simultaneously night and day at the same time. The difference between night and day could impact upon the environment, the enemies, the player or a combination.
Comment edited by Joshtek on 25/09/2021
Posted by Joshtek 25th September, 2021

If you're stuck as to where to start then you could consider the following prompts:
* How does night differ from day? How does day differ from night? Is one state simply a rest from the other, or does the player have something to achieve with respect to both states?
* How do the differences between night and day impact upon the player, the other actors, and the environment? How does it impact on the mood of the game and the sense of agency, peril or opportunity?
* How can both night and day provide valuable gameplay mechanics that are superior to a game set just during the night or just during the day? For example, if the main purpose of one state is to be a respite from the other state, are there any ways in which this feeling can be enhanced?
* How can changes in threats, objectives, controls and gameplay mechanics between night and day be conveyed to the player in an intuitive way? Is the setting and premise intended to facilitate this or is the intention to subvert the player's expectations?
* How will the transition between night and day or between day and night be handled? Will the changes be sudden or gradual? Flagged or unexpected? Predictable or random? Controllable or automated?
* How can the game feel like it has a connection to Halloween?

You could also check out the to help discover what you think makes a fun Halloween game. If you are short of time then you could instead check out my Let's Play compilation at
Comment edited by Joshtek on 25/09/2021
Posted by yma 25th September, 2021

was thinking about making a halloween game about gollum or some shit
Posted by Jankoleti 25th September, 2021

>Gollum gollum
>What does we wants?
>no but they are our friendsies
>no master would never betray

Posted by yma 25th September, 2021

good one Jankoleti, its fitting for this theme i guess
Comment edited by yma on 25/09/2021
Posted by yma 30th September, 2021

i haven't worked on anything
Posted by blazewasbored 4th October, 2021

Exciting to see another competition so soon! I'll definitely try to take part in this one.
Posted by Mustafa- 23rd October, 2021

I have 0 ideas lol
Posted by yma 29th October, 2021

so i submitted a halloween game, not sure if my game fits since my game only has day
Posted by Joshtek 30th October, 2021

If anyone thinks they will miss the deadline then you can ask for a short extension. Late submissions will be allowed if you let me know in advance and get it in shortly after the deadline. In the interests of fairness to other participant the lateness of the submission will be taken into account in the rankings so meeting the deadline is recommended.


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