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Clickteam's 30 Minutes Game Creation Video Contest
News posted 9th December, 2021 by Joshtek  

Clickteam have announced a game making competition where you must build a complete video game with Clickteam Fusion in 30 minutes and record the process on video. The grand prize is "$500.00 & Complete set of Fusion software / $100.00 Clickstore Credit". Video must be submitted to Clickteam by December 22nd, 2021.

In other news, Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Standard is currently on a half price sale over at

Posted by MonadoBoy64 10th December, 2021

Well, I'm doing this!
Posted by Carnivorous id 11th December, 2021

Wow, my phone got washed by accident 2 days ago. So, I can't record anything. Noooooo! Oh well maybe next time. Good luck MonadoBoy64!
Posted by MonadoBoy64 12th December, 2021

Oh no, so sorry that happened to your phone.
Posted by yma 12th December, 2021

dark mode would be fantastic
Posted by Sketchy 14th December, 2021

I'd be tempted, if I could think of a decent idea.
The 30 minute limit lends itself to something randomly generated / infinite (since there's no time for level design), which is interesting - but I wouldn't want to make just a generic arcade game.
Given the complete lack of publicity surrounding the competition, I guess anyone who enters is going to be in with at least a shot of winning something...


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