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New game + TDC policy on commercial games
News posted 4th March, 2022 by Joshtek  

In terms of freeware games, MinkoedZamorVedro has provided us with Elder Mage Demo.

We also have a new commercial release to tell you about, which is Flight of the Blazing Sparrow Hawk by Indigo Steel Shield which is available via the ClickStore,, and Gamejolt for the low price of around $2.

We've been seeing a lot more non-freeware indie games. As such, we thought we'd create an article which explains The Daily Click's policy on commercial games.

In short, for a game to be on our downloads page it needs to be freeware or to have a free-to-play version (e.g. a demo) but if you are free to make a forum post about your commercial game or ask for it to be featured in a new article.

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