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Clickteam previews Fusion 2.5 Update 294
News posted 23rd April, 2022 by Joshtek  

Following a few days of hyping on social media and Clickteam's Discord Server, the company have revealed their preview video showing the upcoming Clickteam Fusion 2.5 build 294:

Check out the comment to this news post for the full list of features listed by Clickteam. Headline improvements include a fully customizable UI / Skin Editor, value reordering, better DPI handling, an 'include another frame option', and various UI options and other features that will improve the development experience.

Here on The Daily Click we've got a new download: Pop Rock 'N' Roll DEMO, an action game by Tammy Spahn in which you pop balloons with your mouse.

And the Kliktopia archive continues to grow, with 54 games added to the site thanks to contributions from Aquellex. Have any old freeware Click games you made or downloaded lying around on your hard drive or a CD? Kliktopia would love to get a hold of them! In other Kliktopia news, the Kliktopia Vitalize page now lists the top scores so it's a great time to re-live some V-Cade classics!

Posted by Joshtek 23rd April, 2022

New Features in CF2.5 build 294 (as per the description in the YouTube video):
- Fully customizable UI / Skin Editor
- Windows dark mode detection
- Editor tabs
- Value reordering
- Copy/Paste/Delete values
- Improved frame editor zoom
- New instance value
- Auto update object icon option
- Replace all of a Color with ALT Key in Fill Tool
- Middle mouse button can now be used to drag display
- Keep original hotspots option
- More negate options
- Include another frame option
- DPI aware option
- Create object at or [by name] at actions
- Get DPI scale
- Compare Layer/Angle/X scale/Y scale conditions
- Compare instance value condition
- New compare expression
- Pick closest object from another object condition
- Pick object with min/max value of expression
- Is overlapping At (X,Y) condition
- Number of selected objects expression
- Instance value expression
Posted by yma 23rd April, 2022

thanks for the tl;dw version..2.5 is also close to 3
Posted by The_Antisony 24th April, 2022

Righteous; thanks for the update!
Posted by UrbanMonk 25th April, 2022

Dark mode!?!

I didn't read the rest of the list, but looks cool.
Posted by ltsmash 26th April, 2022

I want a feature that adds time to my day to complete a game
Posted by Indigo Steel Shield 2nd May, 2022

This is all really very good.
Now, I just hope that we can
get some real Fusion 3 news
before this year ends.....


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