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New spring games are in the air!
News posted 16th April, 2023 by Joshtek  

Two new Click games have been posted to The Daily Click, both of which were entries to Martin Frank's
Spring Fling GameJam. I'll go through them in the order they were submitted to The Daily Click...

Yai7 has provided us with competition winner Hello Kitty's Morning Flower Shop.


According to the author:"Based on the Famicom platform game, here is a top-down maze adventure where you play Kitty as she water flowers to make them grow... Avoid squirrels and snails and hit them with your wooden hammer to stun them as they are near you... Grow all plants in the level to win".

As usual for Yai7, this game is well produced and has plenty of levels. I've compared this game with the one it is based on, and while Yai7 changes the genre this game brings over a lot from the original. Trying to water plants while avoiding bad guys in a maze takes more time than just collecring a pellet pilll like in Pacman, so you really have to be sure that the coast is clear before you start watering those plants.

Secondly, we have Springslinger by hellzy

According to the author: 

"Spring has arrived, and so too, have evil demon gnomes. Play as Alice, an everyday florist who happens to wield an ancient doom-slaying weapon, and fight off countless hordes of gnomes to protect your lawn!

Objective: Reach the max level by accumulating experience, or kill as many gnomes as you can, or simply survive for as long as possible, or a combination of the three."

This game looks deceptively simple, but there are quite a lot of nice mechanics in the game and it has some of that "just one more play" feel to it. It is the authors first attempt at making a submission for such a time-limited competition, and they've done a great job.

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