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It's time to play Flug The Slug and Color Tiles!
News posted 20th July, 2023 by Joshtek  

We have two new games from some familiar names made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5.

Flug The Slug 2020 by Aliashoj

Remember the platform game Flug the Slug from 2004? Well, I do. And now it has a remake of sorts in the form of Flug the Slug 2020, which was finalised in 2022 and released in 2023 - a game for the ages. This game has a lot of nice touches, a fun retro feel and some funky sound effects.

Color Tiles by MinkoedZamorVedro

A puzzle game where your goal is to make the pattern form a gradient. No messing about having to slide tiles aroumd, you can just swap them by clicking on the two tiles you want to swap. There are also some non-moving anchor tiles to help you out. This is a very accesible game that is easy to jump right into. For replay value there is  timer so you can try to beat your personal best.


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