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Merry Christmas from The Daily Click
News posted 25th December, 2023 by Joshtek  

To celebrate the holiday, I've managed to track down Kweh Tower, a level pack for Radix's Christmas puzzle game Santasm 3 from the level author Fifth originally posted to The Daily Click back in January 2007. According to the level author: "It's only 7 floors high, but hopefully it'll provide a bit of a challenge.".

Instructions: Just unzip the level into your Towers folder and then it should show up in Santasm 3.

Want more festive fun? Check out the Kliktopia Christmas games page!

(Credit: Graphic above is adapted from the LordHannu graphic and the game Night Before Christmas by Ambrosine)

Posted by LordHannu 25th December, 2023

Merry christmas daily click!
Posted by Yai7 25th December, 2023

For some reason, I barely had the capacity and emotional strength to create a Christmas themed game.

Except for "D.B. Team, Christmas edition" which never ever gave me any merit in any DC competition.

I created this version for a relative of my family who was only a kid back then. I just want to make him glad about himself... When looking back at what I did, it was a very charming creation and I do not regret making this game, up to a point that I might change my mind later... It was a very dream-like experience however.
Posted by Juan Pereyra 26th December, 2023

Merry christmas!!
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