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New games: Crazy Christmas and JJ's Doomsday Christmas
News posted 26th December, 2023 by Joshtek  

Want even MORE festive games? You're in luck, as two new Christmas games have been released at the same time!

Crazy Christmas by Jack or John

Comments from the Author: "Merry Christmas! Phil decides to have Christmas dinner party and invites Gavin to come over! Play through two harder Christmas versions of towers 1 & 3 from Crazy Towers with new bosses!"

Click here to download the game and read its comments.

JJ's Doomsday Christmas by BigAl0104

Comments from the Author: "It's the Christmas season, and JJ has set up a Christmas party for her friends. Suddenly a demonized version of her boyfriend, Alex, has spawned in and kidnapped all of her friends. He has been holding a grudge on JJ for quite some time now. It has something to do with her always beating him at Super Pow Bros. Unlimited. Well he's had enough of this nonsense and is now back for his revenge. He takes all of her friends to various different realms filled with nothing but references to other media and preferences!"

Click here to download the game and read its comments.

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