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Quit Buggin' by Jack or John
News posted 4th February, 2024 by Joshtek  

Jack or John, creator of a variety of crazy and tower related games, is back with Quit Buggin'. It has some incredibly funky music, and a handy manual to give you tips on how to play.

Comments from the Author: "Quit Buggin' is an arcade shooter game where you smack pesky bugs away from your delicious burger. To kill the pesky bugs, you SMACK them with either your hand or fly swatter. You can also spray them with your bug stunner to have them in-place for a few seconds! Watch out for the Mother; she doesn't mess around..."

Click here to download the game and read its comments

In other news:

  • vSv has posted an update on their project Zi: The three of hearts, including a short video preview that looks very cool.
  • Over on their Patreon, Clickteam have posted MazeWays, a kit for creating your own isometric roguelike game. The ClickStore remains closed for now.
  • P-L-T-X has posted a review of BigAl0104's 20 Crappy Games, the first review of 2024.
  • There's a new poll coming soon so if you haven't taken part in the current one then now's your chance!

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