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New Game: Unavoidable Flying Objects
News posted 1st March, 2024 by Joshtek  

Dannimáx is on a roll with yet another cool game in their recognisable style: Unavoidable Flying Objects.

Comments from the Author: "Speed and precision are key! maneuver and shoot with your UFO through the UFOs. Use Speed pads to gain a speed boost, dodge obstacles or destroy them with your rockets and make it to the end in one piece! Once you beat the first course you'll unlock hard mode which is requires even more precision. This game is more simple than my last one, it was just an idea that I wanted to get out quickly."

I had a go, and I see what the author meant - this is a game that will challenge your ability to balance speed and precision. For example, You have to shoot the mines and trust they'll be destroyed by the time you get to them. It gets easier as you get a feel for the movement, learn the map, and figure out which boosts are worthwhile. A secret undocumented key: R to restart.

Click here to download the game and read its comments


Posted by Dannimáx 1st March, 2024

Hahaha Thank you! I've started to really get a feel for Clickteam 2.5


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