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Poll results: Romeo is the best Klik & Play demo game!
News posted 15th March, 2024 by Joshtek  

Gracillis V had an early lead but the Klik & Play game that was voted the best by the most TDCers? Take that prize, Romeo!

The votes mostly went to these two games... but Hungry Hedgehogs and Reversi got a prize each. According to one commenter, they learnt a lot from studying Reversi's events.

To celebrate Romeo let's take a look at the original platform game and a number of games it has inspired in broadly chronological order...

Romeo (1994) by Barney Skirvin and Richard Gale

The original! According to the instructions: "The object of the game is to rescue Juliet from the pie devil (Simple, eh?). You must collect the keys to open the relevant doors, avoiding the onslaught of descending pies to get to Juliet. There are five levels, each one proving a greater challenge than the last. Good luck! PS. One last tip. Avoid water at all costs!"

You can check it out as part of Kliktopia's Clickteam Game Demo Collection.

Romeo and Juliet 2 (1996) by Richard Gale, Nolan Worthington and Julian Harding

This version was bundled with Click & Create and later Multimedia Fusion. It has large characters and a small window and only 3 levels, but gets quite a bit of content out of it thanks to the introduction of scrolling.

In the game, Juliet is sometimes called "the princess". This is perhaps a reference to the original game sprite for Juliet being called princess. Historical note: In the original Shakespeare version, Juliet is the daughter of Lord Capulet rather than a princess.

In terms of the credit split Richard Gale did the programming, Nolan Worthington & Julia Harding did the graphics, and Lee Bamber did additional programming.

You can check it out as part of Kliktopia's Clickteam Game Demo Collection.

Romeo 2: Live Free or Pie Hard (2010) by Mr. Podunkian (Arhur Lee)

Interpeted by some as a gentle and/or mean-spirited dig at the price of a popular game whose name begin and ends with V, this game features some adult (or is that childish?) humour, and was made for the Ladies' Auxiliary Klik of the Month Ball #5. Check this game out over at Glorious Trainwrecks.

Romeo vs. The Pie Devil: The Rhythm Game (2011) by Chris Nimmo

According to the Author: "A silly music game made in 30 minutes for Shab's TDC competition". This game featured in Klikcast Episode 23 (play the video above) and while the original download link is long gone a backup is hosted on Glorious Trainwrecks.

Romeo 3 (before 2018) by The MPP (Morgan Pander)

According to the author: "This is an old game I made a while back. It's not that great but should be able to give a few laughs to some of the people who played the old Romeo games. The Pie Devil has kidnapped Juliet once again! Now it's up to Romeo (you) to save her!". Check it out at The Daily Click.

Better Romeo (2021) by Mustafa-

A remake with various improvements... and full source code! According to the author: "Romeo was one of the OG pre-bundled games with KnP, it was a simple platformer game which the main goal is to rescue Juliet (yeah it really is), while you at it there are some obstacles and whatnot. Though OG Romeo had some really bad bugs, you can even say it is unplayable! That's why I decided to 'Remake' it from a blank MFA". Check it out at The Daily Click.

Infinite Romeo - Pie in the Sky (2022) by Danni

Co-winner of my Hi-score Mash-up Game Jam, according to the author: "Did you ever want to play the original Klik & Play example game 'Romeo' forever? No? Well, now you can! Enjoy endless generated levels of breezy platforming and more pies than you could ever eat!". Check it out at The Daily Click.

Romeo Burger Quest (2023) by Klikguy (Leo)

According to the author: "Pick up the burgers, and shoot the enemies (DON'T SHOOT THE BURGER, OR YOU WILL LOSE HALF THE POINTS!!!). If you take too long to pick up the hamburger, a vampire will appear and if it touches you, you will lose the game". Check it out on Glorious Trainwrecks.

Posted by UrbanMonk 19th March, 2024

Yeah I agree with the results. It was always exciting to try the demo games when getting a new clickteam product!
Posted by Joshtek 24th March, 2024

UrbanMonk: Same here, I always started with the demo games. Indeed, one of the main reasons I got K&P despite already having TGF was to try out the demo games.


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