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New application: Fractals
News posted 24th March, 2024 by Joshtek  

MinkoedZamorVedro, the mind behind games such as Hryak Legend and Elder Mage, has brought us a new application: Fractals.

Comments from the Author: "ATTENTION!!! THIS APP CAN HURT YOUR EYES - I've made some fractals on Clickteam 2.5. Actually, it's just a practice, because soon i'll try to make something like this on C++. Clickteam's fractals don't look beautiful (like fractals you've used to see), but i believe it's the best Clickteam can allow. You can choose between 4 fractals: Mandlebrot Set, Julia Set (my personal favorite), Newthon Set, and My custom set (I was just messing around with different functions). You can change their quality and enable/disable colors. Changing quality to higher numbers will slow down simulation, but will make it look cooler. Press enter to quit the simulation."

I tried it out and the name definitely fits. It can create fractals, fractals, and (spoiler alert) more fractals. You might want to avoid this software if you have photosensitive epilepsy, though.

Click here to download the application and read its comments

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