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New games: XtremeSkier 21 and The Customer Pack
News posted 25th May, 2024 by Joshtek  

XtremeSkier 21 by danjo

danjo of Acoders released Xtreme Skier back in around 2002 and Ski Xtreme in around 2004. Now it's time to return to the slopes with XtremeSkier 21, originally from 2021 but tweaked in 2022 and now put on The Daily Click in 2024. The demo is available for free with the full version (which unlocks the multiplayer mode amongst other things) sold for $2.99 USD (or more if you're feeling generous.

According to the author this game is: "Skiing Xtreme Style in retro pixel heaven."

Click here to download the application and read its comments

THE CUSTOMER PACK - Three Shovelware Games! by CoolPatilloGuy and CustomerOn

I kind of slipped this game into other news in the last post, so I thought I'd give it a proper write-up for this news post.

According to the author: "Another joke game featuring a friend of mine as usual. This is a compilation of three lame minigames where it has a shooter, a goofy CD-I Link The Faces of Evil/The Wand of Gamelon clone (even with cutscenes!) and a third minigame and if you have a Game Jolt account you can log in to get trophies!"

Click here to download the application and read its comments

Posted by Juan Pereyra 25th May, 2024

Finally more games! I was getting bored.


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