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New Preview: Jerry Curl Jamal rpg
News posted 26th June, 2002 by Rikus  

Comments from the Author: Jerry Curl Jamal RPG: Black in Time uses the most cutting edge of Klik Engines, coded by none other then Bizwhap and Droog themselves. This game pushes the very limits of your CPU. Be prepared!  Click here to read the preview

Posted by Droog 26th June, 2002

Yeah this game is gonna Rule
Posted by Simdrone052 26th June, 2002

How many e-mail's did you get from civil rights leaders such as DROOG rikus? He was spamming #K&P telling everyone to send you an e-mail, hahaahahahahaha...
Posted by Droog 26th June, 2002

I wasn't El Spam! :o
Posted by Droog 27th June, 2002

Not to mention that Podunkian is a liar and a dolphin flogger. Bra.
Posted by Rikus 28th June, 2002

No harm no bad, lets just drop the subject and focus on making some games:)


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