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New Game Of The Week Award!
News posted 26th June, 2002 by Rikus  

Well this week we sure have a sure winner for sure! Shining Armour won this weeks game of the week award! Congrats to Jake. And lets all give him a big thank you for making this game.  If you have not tried out this game then you can check it out right here. The new games are already dancing and screaming like little girls around shadowcaster asking him to be on the poll! Quick shadow let them before you will be eaten alive! This week you can choose between the following games: Eternal Daughter     Snow Lift   Eternal Daughter Trainer  Oh oh, snowlift is surrounded!

Posted by Rikus 26th June, 2002

The most exciting Poll ever! I wonder what game will win:)
Posted by Karl Hedlund 26th June, 2002

Well I voted first but I don't like the game that much.
Posted by The Chris Street 26th June, 2002

Hmm..let me think! I wonder what games gonna win this weeks GOTW...
Posted by Karl Hedlund 26th June, 2002

Circy if you take that one eye of yours and read the post by Rikus, you will notice he already wrote that.
Posted by GregB 26th June, 2002

Posted by Crono 26th June, 2002

I agree Greg
Posted by The Chris Street 26th June, 2002

oh, didnt see that XD
Posted by Ecstazy 26th June, 2002

SNOW LIFT!!!! Eh...yes...
Posted by Droog 26th June, 2002

I voted for Snow Lift! Support the little guy? Or maybe not... I think Rikus Choose Snow Lift on purpose to be pitted agaisnt ED
Posted by Max 26th June, 2002

If Snow Lift wins this poll, I'm really gonna laugh out loud :D It's only 16 votes behind! He can make it, I'm sure. GO SNOW LIFT!! :) (BTW, I did voted for Snow Lift, since we have to give it a little support against the mighty unbelivable ED, don't we?) :p
Posted by Mårten 26th June, 2002

Eternal Daughter should get a "Game of the Year" award instead.
Posted by GregB 26th June, 2002

Or not ;P
Posted by Simdrone052 26th June, 2002

Yea, I think it should too, NO ONE VOTE FOR THE TRAINER, it isn't even a game!
Posted by Spydaman 27th June, 2002

That's a good point, why is something that isn't even a game up for Game of The Week??
Posted by Rikus 27th June, 2002

Maybe i really wanted to say: "Oh oh, snowlift is surrounded!" Come on guys dont be so serious!:)
Posted by Spydaman 27th June, 2002

Fair enough =p
Posted by Crono 27th June, 2002

I was gonna say that, they should be seperated into 3 groups of five, and they should be voted agianest each other,and the 3 winners should be voted agiansest each other for the game of the year, its better to do that then have a poll with all 15 games.
Posted by Rikus 27th June, 2002

Crono, Don't you think we have enough to do already;)
Posted by Rikus 27th June, 2002

We could make a special extra poll with the 15 names on a page:)
Posted by Joshtek 27th June, 2002

Dont forget Locked and other 'classics';-)
Posted by Crono 27th June, 2002

Well I was just sayin that was my idea, but i think you need to focus on makin it possible to edit our downloads we REALLY need it, almost all the time ppl put on the wrong link or made a messup on their description.
Posted by Crono 27th June, 2002

wow there are like 300 votes total, usaully there are 100 total!
Posted by DBack 27th June, 2002

LET THE DAILY CLICK PEOPLE FOCUS ON EDITING FIRST!!!!!!!! ... then we can get to the game of the year. note that you really should wait until the year is over. :)
Posted by Crono 28th June, 2002

wtf, I could have sworn there was 122 votes for snowlift, and 152 for ED and now they lowered by 100
Posted by Rikus 28th June, 2002

Some people cheated:)


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