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We arrreee baacckkkkk
News posted 6th January, 2002 by Rikus  
Phew after 5 days downtime The Daily Click is back! What happenned? Well our ex-provider had a hidden terms page where it said we could not host any other sites. While we did not know about this term page, our ex-provider shut us down and kept the old domain. They are not willing to talk about this and are not replying to my mails, we we had to move. While we where down chris added many many cool stuff to the site like the Personal Message Feature With this you can message everyone who is logged into the site. Its very cool so i suggest you try it out. The Forum has also been updated with lots of cool new things.

Because our ex provider dropped us so quickly we had no chance to backup the new uploaded games. So if you uploaded a game to the site we suggest you do it again, also from now on we will backup all the games every weekend to a new 40 gigabyte harddrive so that something like this wont happen again. Now check out the site and we hope you enjoy it.

When you uploaded your game please edit your download page to make sure all the info is correct. Rikus Click here to read the full weekly editorial.

Posted by Snakesoft 11th January, 2002

Great! Remember to change the looking of the banner on, that still show the ".com" address :)
Posted by Bart 14th January, 2002

That's cccccooooooooollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll


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