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New Game Of The Week Award!
News posted 3rd July, 2002 by Rikus  

Ok so i removed the front page banner. It was freaking me out. Its not worth it. In other dc related news, Clubsoft is laying the finishing touches on the soon to be released: "Who is online" page so you can spy on each other and see what other people are doing on the site..the joy. As for the game of the week.. well Eternal Daughter won! No real surprise there. Poor Ski Lift will see a come back in this weeks spiffy new poll. Enjoy. This week we have: Pong    Snow Lift    Knights of the Triangle     Jam   Jiggle Yeah Guys Ultra    Elektroid 2    MiniPlatform Adventure     The dead    Dark Moon Demo

Posted by Crono 3rd July, 2002

10 games to vote for?!
Posted by Rikus 3rd July, 2002

Posted by The Chris Street 4th July, 2002

..Make a Donation?..Well..I would do, except I dont have a credit card yet
Posted by Simdrone052 4th July, 2002

I suppose that the 4th of July thing was deleted because of the possibility of a flame?...
Posted by Gravy 4th July, 2002

Heh. If you're an American, get used to it. USA-bashing is trendy around the world right now. Hell, it's trendy in America, too (though not as much since 9/11). In any case, thanks, Rikus, for the well-wishes. You're one of the few people who doesn't jump on the bandwagon.
Posted by Joshtek 4th July, 2002

Me like americans, me partly an american tho :)
Posted by Kramy 4th July, 2002

Sure.....americans are ok.....I guess.....:p I know some nice ones, but alot of them aren't. Kramy
Posted by Joshtek 4th July, 2002

The american system may not be great, maybe thats what the terrorists are against..not the people - but lets party like theres no tomorrow or whatever :)
Posted by Joshtek 4th July, 2002

Possibly sunday :)


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