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New Game: Ninjets XF
News posted 9th July, 2002 by Rikus  

Get ready for an extremely fun action game made by Alan Chen. When you played it why not give this game a review? Comments from the Author: A unique shooter/RPG/fighter hybrid in which you battle robots in a far world. Click here to download the game and read its reviews

Posted by Gordon Chen 9th July, 2002

I also made this game. in fact, yea it does seem like the cannon is much much better than the sword. Truth is, it was designed so intermediate players would be better off using sword only. Try it (u also get more score per kill like this). But to get a perfect in the first level, using sword is kinda risky.
Posted by Gordon Chen 9th July, 2002

woops how did i end up here? :(
Posted by Alan 10th July, 2002

Remember to visit to get more info on our games and this game. Ninjets is really big, although there are very few stages in this version. There's a lot of moves, magics, strategy, etc., and you can learn all about them in Podium Games Network!


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