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New Tutorial: A Simple Crate Game Tutorial
News posted 12th January, 2002 by Rikus  

Comments from the Author: This is a simple crate-game tutorial i made awhile back. It uses a custom movement engine. All blocks have to be 32*32 in size. You can use this engine freely, just remember to include me in the credits :)Click here to download the tutorial and read the reviews

Posted by Andi Smith 12th January, 2002

Can I make a suggestion to these news comments? Could you put comments from the author and then put who the author is. Thanks.
Posted by Andi Smith 12th January, 2002

Also whilst I'm here, would it be possible for people to put CNC or TGF or MMF in their tutorials, so I don't download stuff I can't use. thanks :)
Posted by Rikus 12th January, 2002

Hey Andi if you press the link you see all the details, like who made the game/tutorial. About your section question that's up to the people who submit it.
Posted by Bart 12th January, 2002

Cool game tutorial, helped me out alot.
Posted by Bart 13th January, 2002

I suggested that in k&p :D..Or atleast asked if there was one


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