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Dc News: Click Faq
News posted 19th July, 2002 by Rikus  

Dc user "Master Of nothing" has made for you all the first click faq for newbies. The faq can be updated all the time so if you have anything to add then just dc-mail him. You can find the faq on the left side corner. Enjoy and a big round of applause to Man Of Nothing for starting the faq!

Posted by Simdrone052 19th July, 2002

why do comments get deleted? Thid has happened like, a million times...
Posted by Rikus 19th July, 2002

since we dont have a edit function if there is a error in the article i need to delete it and re-upload it.
Posted by Simdrone052 19th July, 2002

ok :D
Posted by FlameCritter 19th July, 2002

This is pretty neat. I know if I was a "n00b" this would help a great deal.


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