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News posted 22nd July, 2002 by Rikus  

The commercial site made a very nice article today about freeware games. It even had some click games in it including the very well known click game here on the dc called: Ninjets XF. Thanks to Jonas_e for giving us this site tip  Click here to visit gamespy's article

Posted by DBack 22nd July, 2002

It had AstroMan too. Cool.
Posted by Pegwo 22nd July, 2002

Posted by Rikus 22nd July, 2002

hopefully some to the dc to;)
Posted by Plasticow 22nd July, 2002

Damn, I saw this a few days ago and now everyone knows about it. SECRIT plan = screwed.
Posted by Chamzel 22nd July, 2002

Too bad there was no mention of the Clickteam products that created the game(s) in the article. =/ Would have really brought a huge hike in Click Community Population, I bet.
Posted by Simdrone052 22nd July, 2002

Where is ED in this article (or am I missing another article)...
Posted by MattB 22nd July, 2002

They forgot ED. Every freeware games article from now until the end of time should mention ED in it. It's the best. And how are you supposed to "tweak and optimize" a click game?
Posted by Chamzel 22nd July, 2002

Screw ED, there's been enough talk about ED in the last two seconds, it's sickening! =/ ED should rot in the same fiery grave as TGF. =D
Posted by danjo 23rd July, 2002

im actually glad they didnt mention ninjets and click in the same breath - i thought although it was a nice game, it certainly isnt a flagship for click software!
Posted by Simdrone052 23rd July, 2002

Joel, shutup, these people worked for two freaggin years on a game that turned out to be awsome just to have a bunch of jealous @$$HOLEs put it down. Screw you and everyone else that says crap like this. THEY SHOULD HAVE SOLD IT.
Posted by podius (Alan C) 23rd July, 2002

hm... i don't think the author of that article knows what "klik" means. they article is about freeware in general, and it just happened to have klik games.
Posted by Chamzel 23rd July, 2002

Now... when the hell did I come out and say anything about being jealous about the game? The game is a finished product, has it's music (thankfully not direct copies off Final Fantasy and/or other Squaresoft games), sounds, and well designed graphics and animation. I am not against selling things, but there are some things that the folks who made Eternal Daughter should consider before they do try selling something like this. The difficulty curve, like most people have brought up already, is way too high. It needs to be brought down and made more gradual from easy(beginning) to hard(end). In this case in this game it's hard(beginning) to insane(middle) to God knows what in the end, I only made it to like 18% or something before I deleted the game. People would buy it and cuss it out from of how hard it is. Then there was the point 1/4 through the way I played where the dialogue stopped working and I had no idea where to go. But over all, yeah, it's a well crafted game. My problem with it more than everything else is PEOPLE HYPE ABOUT IT TOO MUCH. Seeing Eternal Daughter in every post is very annoying, just like Star Wars. I'm not jealous, not one bit. Unless you can find some way to out fox me and show me how. Yes, Eternal Daughter is a nice game, it is a complete game, but the way the people, not the makers, talk and hype about it continuously is just too much, which makes it something horribly annoying to see, if you understand what I mean.


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