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New Game: Sheepwars3
News posted 13th January, 2002 by Rikus  

Comments from the Author: This is a game that took me 1 year to make. Its a top down shooter, with a big array of weapons and has amultiplayer mode aswell it also has a 15 minute long ending cartoon and small cut scenes through the whole game.
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Posted by 14th January, 2002

The game doesn't work. I've downloaded 15 mb files and the first file (.zip) says 'unexpeced end of archive) and yes, i DID put the files in the same dir
Posted by skn3 14th January, 2002

winace download
if you get this problem,. use winace.. you can find it for download at this link (sorry for the trouble)
Posted by skn3 14th January, 2002

another fix which i cant garuntee will work.
rename the first file
and the second file
and finaly the last file

as i said this wont deffinately work, whereas using winace to unzip it will
Posted by skn3 14th January, 2002

Frozt your telling me this is worse than 1 of those crappy southpark games that got 4 out of 10

ok :P


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