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News posted 8th August, 2002 by Rikus  

2 days ago we got the following mail from our provider: "Your site has been closed down due to hitting 10% of server CPU usage. Also another reason it has been closed is because your credit card on file does not work." after asking a bit more it seemed we just got to many visitors for the server to handle them. Then the provider told us our credit card did not work (it works fine btw) and they deleted our account. Thanks to shadowcaster we found a backup that's only 3 days old, so not to many things where lost i hope. The provider also said that we needed to upgrade our account so that the server could handle the many people that visit this site. The amount needed? 204 dollars... yikes. Thanks to some quick donations by the following clickers: JKN, Daniel Owen and Chris Carson we could get our site back online. Without those donations there would not be a daily click anymore so i think they should receive a very nice applause from all of us. That's still leaves us with 146 dollars that we need so we can continue for a full year. We are good for the next couple of months so if you ever wanted to donate to this site then this would be the perfect time to do it. All the donators also will be getting a special rating upgrade. I will be making many more updates today and before i forgot my old dc account is also back so if you want to dc-mail me then do it here. Enjoy the site

Posted by Canazza 8th August, 2002

I'd donate, but i have no credit card...
Posted by jkd 12th August, 2002

ask your parents canazza


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