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New Preview: Cave-In Prospector's Revenge
News posted 11th August, 2002 by Rikus  

Citizen[Ac] is working on a game that's looking very cool already. He is still looking for any people who can make the music for this game. Comments from the Author Cave-In is a Puzzle Platformer where you take control of a miner(yet to be named). An evil Prospector has trapped you in the mine with a cave-in because he claims you have stolen the claim to his mine. The goal of the game is to manuever your way thru various levels. To do this you need to trigger certain events to provide you with a path to the exit of each level. Avoid snakes, bats, falling lava drops, and other obstacles along your way. Click here to read the full preview

Posted by citizen[Ac] 11th August, 2002

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