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News posted 12th August, 2002 by Rikus  

Can you tell who is the real clicker?:) We received this funny picture made by Burfelt today. If you click on this small picture you will see the full screen version.

Posted by SoftWarewolf 12th August, 2002

Posted by Bart 12th August, 2002

So clickers don't think about chicks? Damn...
Posted by Steve Wardale 12th August, 2002

Posted by Alex Mangel 12th August, 2002

Posted by Shen 12th August, 2002

Nyaa, you got the ticks the wrong way round :P
Posted by Simdrone052 12th August, 2002

yea, insert (.Y.) into that bubble, hehe...
Posted by Simdrone052 12th August, 2002

Posted by Ashman 12th August, 2002

Clever and very funny. Anymore?
Posted by Yikes 13th August, 2002

Cool! Lol! :D
Posted by Burfelt 13th August, 2002

nah sorry ashman, thats the only one
Posted by Anthony Lopes 13th August, 2002

I freekin had a dream about the event editor... that's when I started cutting down on the 'good stuff'.
Posted by Yai7 14th August, 2002

If you look at their eyes, They are'nt really chicks but klik goddesses! Therefor Klikers always thinks about the gods of K&P especially if the gods are chick looking! And who cares if they don't have any spark in their eyes. Ah... Actually I care... Oh well, I'll go back to placing V's on a virtual events board. Keep klikin!!! :)
Posted by Ashman 15th August, 2002

OK no problem. This ones still funny ;)


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