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New Game: Soccer Freak
News posted 18th August, 2002 by Rikus  

We seemed to have missed this great game last week when it was submitted so here it is Soccer Freak a very fun and addicting game made by: Nobuyuki Comments from the Author:Soccer Freak is a game that you might not expect. Instead of being a sports game like most people would think, it is actually more like an arcade game. It has a real "arcade" feel to it, too, complete with oldschool FX. Your object is to hit the ball into the air as many times as possible without the ball hitting the ground.. Click here to download the game and read its reviews

Posted by Nobuyuki 19th August, 2002

SoccerFreak has been updated to version 1.1. This fixes the following issues in version 1.0: * Pressing the ALT key would freeze the game * You could type more than 3 letters into the country code at the options screen * Slowing down the game also slowed down the timer without compensation of scoring * Disabling music required you to wait for it to fade out on the options screen * Enabling music required restart I have also added the following features to SoccerFreak: * FPS and FPS average counters (press F12 in options screen to access it) * Automatic engine speed adjustment (Will lower music quality / disable ink effects to increase framerate) * Fluctuation detector (disables hit detection if framerate drops too low during game) Please download this version as the old version will no longer allow you to submit scores!
Posted by Burfelt 20th August, 2002

Great job nobu, this fixes all the issues i've found so far.


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