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New Unofficial walkthrough for Eternal Daughter.
News posted 15th September, 2002 by Rikus  

Stuck in Eternal Daughter? Then Alan Chen will be your new best friend. He is working on a Unofficial walkthrough for Eternal Daughter. The walkthrough is already 43% completed. Follow the link to read it. Click here to read the full walkthrough"

Posted by The Chris Street 16th September, 2002

Hmm, I dont wish to be nasty or anything, but I think most of us have completed it or are near the end
Posted by Shen 16th September, 2002

I'm, er, 11% into it :$
Posted by podius (Alan C) 16th September, 2002

well, most quit the game pretty early cuz it was too hard for them. i hope this walkthru helps. also, a game as big as this deserves a walkthru right? it is the most popular game on the dc, and ppl continue to dl it
Posted by The Chris Street 17th September, 2002

Well yeah, it does deserve a walkthrough I suppose, just stating that it came out early June, and probably most of us have already finished it. Oh well. You're not gonna listen to me XD
Posted by Alexandria 13th March, 2006

I just started this game, okay I know this topic is incredibly old, but I just got done with the first boss and I'm at the lowest floor of the entire town, and I still don't know how to break the barricade.


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