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Weekly Editorial 12
News posted 28th January, 2002 by Rikus  
I decided to stop the weekly editorials because the format does not seem to work correctly in the new design, have no fear however. I will just break all the items from the weekly editorial  into smaller parts on the news page. If there is community news we will just post it right away, if there is a cool preview we wont wait for the weekly editorial and just place it right away and well.. you get the general idea. So with that bit of bad news out of the way lets continue with the good news. I fixed the following game links on our site: Waterspeeder,Death City, bomberdude,Mini Golf, The Elegy Beta Version, Super speed Ball, Jeep2, The Crate Tutorialand phew Z Squad 2 beta. They all can be downloaded again. I am also fixing the game of the week page and the old daily click 2001 archive will also be back soon. You will be able to find a new poll and the results of the last poll tonight. Enjoy the site, Rikus

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