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Game Of the Week Results!!
News posted 28th January, 2002 by Rikus  
Ok it took a while but Mini Golf was the big winner in the poll. This very cool demo created by jake has now earned its spot to be placed on the special Game Of The Week page for all to see. Congrats Jake!.  If you want to apply to be put in the poll next week then you have to go that extra mile and mail me

Posted by Chris Och 29th January, 2002

Hey Jake...was that RPG Dexter's Quest by any chance? Just curious...
Posted by 29th January, 2002

The graphics in this game are very similiar to "Miraculous Quest"..Oh and the thing when the ball is about to fall into the hole is screwed up, even if its going a very slow but goes OVER the hole it wont go in.
Posted by Rikus 29th January, 2002

are ya in a bad mood bart? Cheer up:-)
Posted by 29th January, 2002

After having to create several accounts to me being locked for no reason at all and then my accounts just dissapearing..well, who wouldn't be in a bad mood? :P
Posted by Chris Och 29th January, 2002

No, I meant that I had a mini golf game in my RPG, and was wondering if Jake got the idea from that.


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