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Preview: OutLaws
News posted 28th January, 2002 by Rikus  

Comments from Rikus: I think this could become a new "classic" click game folks. It seems to have it all, a cool story, great graphics and if we look at other games made by Danjo we can expect some great gameplay. Danjo say's: Cowboys is a RTS mixed with RPG style game about a Gang of Cowboys in the Wild West. You control this gang and roam the Outskirts and Town getting involved in daring robberies, cattle rustling, shoot-outs, and plenty more. Click here read some more info about this game

Posted by Tigerworks 29th January, 2002

btw... check out metal warrior 2: project rattlesnake in previews, thats an RTS also, its getting near to an alpha/beta downloadable test coming soon. if you need any help on the RTS part, feel free to pm me or something.
Posted by 100vitalize 29th January, 2002

Your comments are surpose to be about the outlaws game. not just pluging your own stuff sheesh!! From the screen shots this game is looking very good indeed will there be a beta version?? soon danjo
Posted by danjo 29th January, 2002

There will be NO beta version released, just the final game. It will be tested etc beforehand. I will just place updated screenshots and information as i go.
Posted by Rikus 30th January, 2002

Well a Daily Click exclusive "preview" for us to check out would be nice danjo.. hint hint nudge nudge;-)


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