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News posted 2nd October, 2002 by Rikus  
OK, so some rumors have been flying around today about a certain site called: Total Klik. The rumors tell you that total click placed a comic about a certain clickteam staff member on its site and that the member in return asked the provider of total-klik to shut the site down. I spoke to clickteam and they said that as far as they knew none of the people from clickteam had ordered to close any website. Total click just shared with us that the official reason why the site was closed down is because the forum was "being abused" according to the provider. So there you have it folks, while the provider is still being a bit cryptic we now have the official reason, total klik should be back soon according to the admins. In other click related news, the daily click staff had a huge discussion today and came to the conclusion that a poll is not the best way  to get the best editors. Instead people who want to take on the challenge of editor can dc-mail shadowcaster and mail him with info about themselves. Shadowcaster will be taking on the roll as the daily games updater and will decide who will get to help him. I will put myself a bit more in the background so i can handle other projects as well. I will be updating the site however on wednesday and sunday. In other dc related news, we will finally put some quality control in our submission service. We have about 1600 page views on the front page alone so we need to get the broom out of the closet. Submissions wont be accepted directly on the site anymore. They will be checked by the admins first and if everything is ok (like links to pictures and links to the urls) the game will be accepted. Demo's, fan games or other sorts of previews or movies will get its own special genre later this month. They wont be available anymore on the general downloads page and will get its very own section. The full versions of normal freeware games will stay on the front page new downloads top 10 listings. I think this is fair to the people who actual finished the game and they deserve more page views. That's all the news we have for now. We will keep you posted if anything changes.

Posted by Jannis 2nd October, 2002

What the!?!? I never had anything to do with Novabrain, but this just tells me everything about him. It was him who started that bullsh*t (those who read the stuff from Moko23 know what I mean), and asking a provider not only to shut down but to delete a whole community site (btw, a community that keeps his f*cking company alive) is just so f*cking pathetic and dumb!
Posted by Rikus 2nd October, 2002

Remember (like it say's in the article)that Novabrain did not ask datastream to delete the site. At this moment no1 knows who else actually asked it. But we believe our current sources that tell us it was not novabrain. When we have some more official news from either clickteam, datastream or hamish you will read it here, everything else should be considered rumors.
Posted by The Chris Street 2nd October, 2002

Aww, rats. I was winning in the poll :P
Posted by Rikus 2nd October, 2002

Sorry circ, but be quick and dc-mail shadow:)
Posted by The Chris Street 2nd October, 2002

Already did :)
Posted by 2nd October, 2002

Total Klik will be up soon on a couple-of-days-old backup. (PS I'm Hamish)
Posted by Rikus 2nd October, 2002

Hey Hamish, did datastream tell you why the website was shut down?
Posted by 2nd October, 2002

"Abuse on the forums" was all I was given.
Posted by Rikus 2nd October, 2002

Alright, the article has been changed:)
Posted by Mark Pay 2nd October, 2002

Clicking really doesn't need the kind of unfriendly, childish cat-fighting it sees sometimes. Why can't we all just... get along? :) Its good to hear that some quality control is being put on the DC and hopefully it wil drive people to improve their games making skills to get noticed, rather than spamming icky, unrefined 2 hour games and engine tests. PS - Circy for Ed! :) (waves banner)
Posted by Muz 2nd October, 2002

"Forum was being abused"? What kind of excuse is that for shutting down a site? Unless they posted illegal materials on the forum, it's hardly a reason for shutting down the site. But if they did shut down the site coz of illegal materials, they should've said so in the first place. It's a conspiracy. They're just trying to protect Clickteam's name. Oh, and I agree with the quality control bit. It could sure help.
Posted by [HTS]HetH 2nd October, 2002

I havent´followed any of the rumours so I can´t say anything about it. But I´m also glad to hear that there will be some more control on the DC regarding submissions. I know how much more work it is to first go through alls submissions (I´m doing the same on my community site) but it´s so much more quality you can deliver your visitors. Apart from that I really do hope that TK and DC will come along pretty well in the future.
Posted by Esque 2nd October, 2002

Was a long time coming but this quality control should stop people putting up rubbish that they 'found on there Hard-drive from two years ago' or 'may in three minutes last night whilst completely pissed and smoking weed'. The separate section for demos sounds good too.
Posted by ShadowCaster 2nd October, 2002

Just a quick notice... DC is going to be down for about an hour or so tomorrow so that I can update the database for the new script. Sorry to everyone for the inconvenience!

Just letting you know a little early so that you dont get stressed out tomorrow when DC isnt working ;)
Posted by Chris Davis 2nd October, 2002

Shadowcaster, why don't you just do this: Make an asp script that adds a new field called 'accepted' (true/false field) to the database, then sets all the current games to accepted=true ? Then you can make the script without having to download and reupload the database.
Posted by The Chris Street 2nd October, 2002

Thanks Mark :D
Posted by Blake 2nd October, 2002

Oh yeah, i'm just thinking that even IF novabrain did rat on TK, clickteam and datastream wouldn't tell you it was him. (To keep things secret, or people wouldnt tell XD)
Posted by The Chris Street 2nd October, 2002

Presumably when the next editors have been selected
Posted by DBack 2nd October, 2002

Tigerworks, you need to be UPDATED but I'm too lazy to (p.s. Novabrain IS SPIEING ON US, RUN FOR TEH Hills etc etc)
Posted by BankBank 2nd October, 2002

this is a great idea.. I am so sick of worthless Demos and "Previews" that have no business being there. Thank you Rikus, you are my true mommy!
Posted by citizen[Ac] 2nd October, 2002

im curious why the poll was up and then changed?, why put it up in the first place then. I know circy and his news and writing abilities from TFGF and he is the right man for the job. Circy for Editor!!!
Posted by Kisguri 2nd October, 2002

Circy Has had many contributions in the past and has a proven track record. As well as being very popular amongst the general Click Community! In all my dealings with NovaBrain I have found him to have much Zeal and motovation for Clickteam the company and there products. I know he spies as well as others in the company simply because of folks out there Pirating the Click Line of products. I was E-mailed once when they informed me that a "Hacked" Version of MMF 1.5 was on our Cafelite Server. Someone peeked in there :). And it wasn't Novabrain that contacted me! I'm not saying he represented himself well in the chat room for I was not there. I would just like to point out that we need to examine all facts and reasons for what has happened before we start crushing someones reputation. In any case let the ripping of my remarks begin, Thanks Guys!!
Posted by Steven Mayhew 2nd October, 2002

Would you represent yourself well in a chatroom after repeated abuse by unmentioned parties? Pictures that have been found to be on the TK server broke rules of Datastream policy as far as I know. If your going to start blaming someone for it blame yourselves for being idiots. Period.
Posted by Kisguri 2nd October, 2002

No I can say I would be a bit "Vexed" if that was the case. Is that what happened to NovaBrain on the Chatroom?
Posted by Jason Darby 2nd October, 2002

Ive just taken a look at the forum and in my opinion i dont think it would be a loss if it was shut down (sorry just telling it like it is). There is just no excuse for some of the stuff thats posted on the forum. What really makes me irrated is that its a Click Community site and they spend most of their time attacking the very people that they are supposed to be representing - aka the Community. So why on earth waste peoples time with a community site which is there to ridicule people who visit the forums/site etc. And the most unfortunate thing about it is that its the Forum Administrators and mods that seem to be making most of the problems (Hamish and ChrisD, and a few others that i cannot remember off the top of my head). So i dont think you will fix the problem adding more mods if the same people causing the problems are still there. As for quality of demos and games, yes i agree with what alot of people have already said. The better quality the submissions the more people will try to post more advanced files. If everyone is posting heres how to draw a blob on the screen example which took them 2 minutes, then no one is going to benefit from that. Jason Ps Circy is a great choice for a mod in My opinion.
Posted by DBack 2nd October, 2002

..... How the hell did you take a look at the forum.
Posted by DBack 2nd October, 2002

Oh nm etc etc
Posted by HiredGun 2nd October, 2002

"There is just no excuse for some of the stuff thats posted on the forum." Uhoh, it's the Let's Take Everything Seriously club!
Posted by ben_02 2nd October, 2002

It's not like every single person who visits TK is out to take the piss out of everyone elses flaws. It's just it's a different sort of atmosphere. Some might say more realistic.
Posted by 3rd October, 2002

Alright, here I go without using the word retard. Total Klik is aimed at members of the community who don't want to put up with what we think is "idiocy", and many of us also like to make fun of them. If you don't like it, you don't have to visit. The only thing we're losing is you.
Posted by Chris Davis 3rd October, 2002

Steven Mayhew has just wasted database space :(
Posted by Steven Mayhew 3rd October, 2002

Excuse me? How may I ask?
Posted by danjo 3rd October, 2002

from what i've seen over the years is the consistent attacks on CT and their staff by certain TK guys. we're all entitled to our opinions, but in most cases it has gone past the stage of childish. then you all scream at CT, (as jannis first stated) that YOU support CT. Well dont they also provide you with the tools to do so. If they didnt make the tools, you'd be sitting somewhere else abusing some other company.
Posted by Chris Davis 4th October, 2002

I have nothing against CT except for Novabrain.
Posted by Tigerworks 4th October, 2002

I have nothing against CT-related communities except for those who have something against Novabrain.
Posted by The Chris Street 4th October, 2002

I still want to know why Novabrain called me homophobic :P


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