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New Game Of The Week!
News posted 9th October, 2002 by Rikus  

Its wednesday that means its time to announce this weeks gotw winner. This week most of you voted for Terminal Orbit demo made by Tigerworks. Congrats to Tigerworks. A small reminder however that Terminal Orbit-demo will be the last demo that will be able to win a gotw award. From now on, demo's wont be allowed to enter. If you have not tried out this game then you can check it out right here. Here is the selection for next week: Longy   Ballistic Offline  Diamond    Roller     Pro Trolley   G.A.R.J.I.L.   Furious Farmer v 1.6

Posted by -Oka- 9th October, 2002

Gongrats Tigerworks!!! :D
Posted by Muggus 9th October, 2002

Hahaha I knew it...Termonal Orbit was a class above the rest really...really awesome game...Well done Tigs!
Posted by Tigerworks 9th October, 2002

Posted by The Chris Street 9th October, 2002

rats, I submitted Smidgets X just after the new games were announced... now it won't be a candidate for GOTW.. :|
Posted by Joshtek 9th October, 2002

you should have one ZIP with all the candidates for GOTW ;-)
Posted by Kisguri 9th October, 2002

Wow my Little Tank Graphics were part of something that won a Award! (lol)


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