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New Game: Star Guard
News posted 15th October, 2002 by Rikus  

Peterg finished a game called star Guard. Its a fun game and the graphics have a bit of cartoony feel to it. the gameplay is wonderful to and the trick is to make every shot count because when you run out of ammo its game over. Recommend (no matter what circy say's;) Comments from the Author: Earth is under attack, and you are the last resort to save the last standing city. You have to keep off the alien attack by destroying any projectiles it fires at your buildings, once your buildings are all gone, it's game over for you.Click here to download the game and read its reviews"

Posted by Andi Smith 15th October, 2002

7 updates.. the re-design remotivated Rikus, yay!
Posted by Rikus 15th October, 2002

Hey i don't see any others do it -me points to shadowcaster;)
Posted by Rikus 15th October, 2002

Nah that's unfair, shadow has been busy with school and all, but i did ask him to finally pick a new editor already:)
Posted by The Chris Street 15th October, 2002

Hey! "no matter what Circy says"?! XD
Posted by Rikus 15th October, 2002

Posted by ShadowCaster 15th October, 2002

Yeah, sorry for not updating in the last week or so. It's nearing the end of semester, so I've got a crapload of exams and assignments to do. I'll pick an editor for DC this weekend to take on some of the work load. If you havent done so already, send me a PM if you want to try your luck at becoming an editor ;) (*g) Mike (*b)


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