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Exmark: Lite Edition
News posted 27th October, 2002 by The Chris Street  
The four colour frenzy continues! Rafael Henkin has created a little game called Exmark, and very interesting it sounds too. Comments from the Author: "This game is a small version of my demo-game Tankball, which I *might* finish someday. In this game you control a target of an X thing and need to destroy all of some egg-shaped disks, while the X goes through an arena with some obstacles."
Click here to download the game and read its reviews.

Posted by ruffles 27th October, 2002

Ugh, you keep mispelling my name: It's Rafael, not Raphael!! Well, it's not a big problem, but I don't like to see my name mispelled.
Posted by The Chris Street 27th October, 2002

lol sorry, I'll get that sorted XD


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