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News posted 30th October, 2002 by Rikus  

It was a close call between Worm Wars 3 and Red Feud but Red Feud won this weeks gotw award! Congrats to Eve.  If you have not tried out this game then you can check it out right here. Here is the selection for next week: Mega Shock Troopers     RotaDim     Mercenary     Fireball 2    davSter Crazy Soccer      SuperGalactic Lover

Posted by Muz 30th October, 2002

A curse on thee! I wanted WW3 to win! They had to upload it on the same time as Red Feud :|...
Posted by Nobuyuki 30th October, 2002

No 4 color games will be seated during the Super Galactic Love scene.
Posted by Tony (Darkjune) 30th October, 2002

RF deserved it, it just proves that you don't have to have great graphics to make a great game. Speaking of graphics how come no 4 color games in the game of the week hunt?
Posted by S Radley 30th October, 2002

Congrats to Red Feud! Haven't played it yet, but I definitely will now. Yeah, and it's cool that MST is nominated for the next Gotw, but I honestly think that some of those four color games are more deserving... So, that's a good question. Why no 4 color games?
Posted by Sean ( Kodex ) 30th October, 2002

I really like mercenary and i hope that wins
Posted by Nobuyuki 30th October, 2002

I think sean's mercenary ad campaign is just plain pathetic. He goes into other games' comments and says "Download mercenary instead" and then gives the game mercenary a 10 and a one-liner review. The guy even worked on the game, didn't he? I think someone needs a little time-out.
Posted by Rikus 30th October, 2002

about the 4 color thing, i don't think it would be fair to the other games (there are also no vitalize games on the poll) But we could make a special 4 color gotw poll to see what 4 color game is the best:)
Posted by colej_uk 30th October, 2002

oohww, I wanted my game to win :( , nevermind, I guess Red Feud deserved it more. How close was it at the end anyway?
Posted by gustav 30th October, 2002

uhhh... why shouldnt the 4 color games be on gotw? not fair because? yay for red feud. the right game won. i could never stand the worm wars games... gameplay is too bad :x
Posted by Muggus 30th October, 2002

Cool...Red Feud won! The game I voted for one... wooo! Actually, the fact of the mater was I never actually played I suppose my vote wasn't very valid...I just liked Red Feud... must have been close!
Posted by OFFINC/Aharms 30th October, 2002

Gooooo red feeeeuuuuud!!!
Posted by Dustin 31st October, 2002

4 color games should be included just like everything else. They are games, after all. And just because they only contain four colors, they still contain the same programming.
Posted by ruffles 31st October, 2002

I agree with Dustin.
Posted by Mårten 1st November, 2002

What's with this 2-bit craze anyway? Oh, and by the way; I r0xx0rz yonder arses!
Posted by The Chris Street 2nd November, 2002

Red Feud is very weird...does it use that Quantum platform movement thingy? the engine feels familiar... Nice game though, but a bit over-rated (and short :D)
Posted by bigdave 2nd November, 2002

i voted for WWIII coz i hadn't played Red Feud but they're both as good as each other. Why is no-one voting for Crazy Soccer?


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