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New Game: Space Invader 3D
News posted 3rd February, 2002 by Rikus  

Comments from Rikus: Well this is an interesting game. This game has a nice piece of programming to create a fake 3d space environment and it works to. In this game you have to shoot at the enemies but you loose power if you shoot at the wrong stuff. While the game may not last long you might want to check it out for the programming. Click here read some more info about this game

Posted by DrJake 3rd February, 2002

Nice effect the creator has done, as if you're in the ship! If gameplay was worked on and had a juicy story line the game might be a good hit.
Posted by Andi Smith 4th February, 2002

It's nice to see you commenting on the games again Rikus.
Posted by Rikus 4th February, 2002

Thanks Andi maybe i should do it more often:-)
Posted by bel19637 4th February, 2002

mmm I have already seen this engine... and one similar game... i use the same engine for STAR TREK BBF ( 1999 ) that I donwload from internet... Anyway good :)) eheh


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